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Often Asked Questions About Garage Doors

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Often Asked Questions About Garage Doors

For more information regarding garage door repair and the services our team can provide, take a look at our FAQ page. Just explore the list below for answers to the questions you've been looking for.

How can I tell if the cables are going to break?

Checking the condition of the lift cables is something you should do during every time you do some garage door maintenance. If you notice any fraying sections or visible cuts, then the cables in question need to be replaced, as they are nearing their breaking point. Our technicians can carry out this task for you safely and quickly.

Can I replace a garage door spring on my own?

If one of the springs broke and you need to replace it, think twice before you consider doing it yourself. It is much safer, and economical in the long run, to get an experienced professional who has the right tools and the correct training and knowledge to do the job. Remember that the springs hold the weight of the entire garage door, and repairing or replacing them requires a complete understanding of the mechanics and tension involved.

Why is the door not moving even thought the opener is running?

The most common reasons for this type of problem is either a worn motor gear, or accidental disengagement of the opener. Someone may have pulled the manual release cord, which separates the motor unit and the door. If it's a matter of a worn or broken motor gear, then you need to have our experts replace the damaged component before you can keep using your door automatically.


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