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Garage Door Springs

Garage Door Spring Services | Garage Door Repair Fremont, CA

All garage doors rely on a set of springs for opening and closing. The heavy weight of the door puts these components under a lot of stress, meaning no matter how well they’re made, they will eventually wear out. If not replaced in time, these springs will break, which can be extremely dangerous if unexpected.

Fixing Worn Springs

There’s no way to repair a spring permanently - if damaged, it will need to be replaced. However, this doesn’t mean there aren’t ways to extend your springs’ service life. Regular cleaning, adjustment and maintenance will help to reduce wear and tear considerably; we strongly recommend having our technicians carry out regular inspections of these components.

When Will My Springs Break?

Springs wear out at different rates, so it’s impossible to know when one will fail. However, high-quality materials and manufacturing techniques can make a big difference. Components from trustworthy brands can last a lot longer than cheaper versions. These parts can last anywhere from 3 - 10 years, so the best thing to do is watch out for signs that your springs could be wearing out.

Are My Springs Weakening?

You should regularly test the balance of your door by opening it halfway and disconnecting the opener. If the springs are properly balanced, the door will stay reasonably still. If it sags, then the springs have weakened since they were last tensioned. They won’t necessarily need to be replaced, but they will at the very least need to be adjusted. Our technicians will be able to quickly fix this for you, or recommend a replacement if required.

Staying Safe In The Garage

The high tension of these components makes them unsuitable for homeowners to work on themselves. Our team has the specialized training and equipment to safely replace worn or broken units; we strongly recommend that you do not try and tackle the job yourself.

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