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Garage Door Maintenance

Garage Door Maintenance Services | Garage Door Repair Fremont, CA

Garage door malfunctions are frustrating at best and dangerous at worst. Further, repairing a damaged system will be more expensive than keeping it from breaking down in the first place. A tune-up and examination every six months can save you money, risk and hassle by preventing these problems from ever happening.

Checking The Seams

The belts, springs and other moving parts of your lift mechanism are at the greatest risk of breaking or warping after enough use. Our technicians will go over the whole system, from the opener to the tracks, and ensure nothing’s come to close to the breaking point. If they find a problem, they can either hammer it back into shape or replace the worn out component with a fresh part.

A Fresh Coat

An even coat of industrial lubricant will prevent your springs and tracks from being worn down by repeated uses, and protect them from weather conditions that might lead to rust or warping. We’ll oil everything that needs oiling and run tests to ensure there’s no metal grinding against metal as part of our maintenance work. This is especially important when heavy rains or snow are expected.

Realigning Sensors

Safety sensors can easily become jammed, obstructed, or misaligned. If your sensor beams aren’t connecting properly, your door could refuse to close, or – much worse – start to close with a person or vehicle in the way. A few rounds of testing will show us if any blind spots are starting to form, and our team will clean and realign the sensors so that the system works as good as new.

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